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Personal Training Services

Optimax provides full service fitness training programs. Fitness assessments, along with your individual goals, will determine your individual program, whether it's weight loss, increasing muscle tone, muscle building, or simply a better quality of life through feeling more energized, motivated, rested, and healthy. Resistance, strength, endurance, and SAQ are incorporated in each program. There is a specific plan for you. Nutritional advice and diet analysis are parts of this ongoing personal training service. With the proper training program and healthy eating habits, you will achieve your goals. Each sessions begins with a gradual warm-up into an appropriate challeging work out, ending with a cool down, trainer stretch and massage to end your nice work out with a relaxing breather. If you and a friend or loved one would like to train together, small group sessions can be provided.  

Women's Military Bootcamp


Women of all fitness levels are invited to see great results. Enjoy a fun, challenging experience to get you in shape. Designed for all ages and levels so that everyone can get a safe, fun, and effective workout. Bootcamp includes circuit, strength, cardio, obstacles, and more. Feel stronger, more flexible, and energized! Lose 1-2 inches and 5-10 lbs in a 6-week course. 



Boxing for fitness is a great way to increase your endurance, coordination, and stamina. Boxing can help you shred your body and fat and release your energy! Boxing sessions can be incorporated into your personal training program. During boxing sessions, Maxwell will teach you the skills needed to effectively train to box for fitness.  

Nutritional Services


Diet is over 60% responsible for your overall health and fitness. Trainers would like to tell you that working out is all you need. Not true. You have the ability to change your body for the better or worse solely based on what you eat. Proper nutrition for your body type, along with a goal-oriented training program certainly is the most efective way to spend your time and get the results you want. Optimax offers a variety of nutritional services, from simple daily eating mitakes, modifying your current diet to fit your needs, or creating a completely new meal plan.



A healthy, in-shape pregnancy can make for a less stressful term and delivery, and a faster, more effective recovery. It's beneficial to participate in a regular exercise program before pregnancy, and maintain your exericise routine (with adjustments) during and after your pregnancy. If you are recently pregnant and have not been regularly exercising, it is still quite beneficial to begin a limited exercise program and continue that program throughout and after your term. Optimax creates safe, fun, and effective workouts to beneift healthy moms.  



Corrective Exercise Training


Corrective exercise training identifies and addresses issues relating to past or present injuries, limited mobility, and limited range of motion. Optimax will help increase your stability, balance, flexibility, and strength while working in the guidelines of your limitations, making the program safe and effective. Maxwell's experience, study, and research of corrective exercise techniques make it possible for him to work with those receiving physical therapy treatment. 

Performance Training

Sports-specific training programs are designed to assist you in elevated sports performance. Cross-training, resistance training, and edurance training are all tools in preparing you for your next achievement, such as your next ironman/woman, Alpine ski adventure, upcoming college or high school athletic season, or your favorite weekend warrior activity. 

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